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How Diversity Exercises Can Make You Sexy
By Diversity Speaker Clint Cora

Diversity Exercises

Diversity is a major issue in both companies and society in general these days.  Inclusion and equity are important factors to promote in many corporations of all sizes.  However, sometimes we approach this as just another uninteresting, politically correct topic that doesn’t always grab attention.  In other words, diversity exercises just doesn’t seem to be a very sexy topic.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Diversity can certainly become a sexy topic because personal skills developed in this area can indeed make a person more attractive and sexy.  This is a point I make in all my diversity presentations and I prove my claim by involving the audience in a really fun way.

Fun Diversity Exercises From My Talk

One of the fun diversity exercises I have my audiences do is when I tell the women in the audience that I will present profiles of two different men.  The first one, bachelor number one, likes sports and drinks beer.  He’s known as the ‘Sports & Beer’ guy.  He loves sports so much that if given the chance, he will ramble on and on with NFL (National Football League) or NBA (National Basketball Association) statistics all night long during a date.  He won’t want to talk about anything else once he starts talking about sports.

This Sports & Beer guy is also a typical ‘meat and potatoes’ type of man, preferring to stick with very standard cuisine downed with a few bottles of beer of course.  The Sports & Beer guy will not be willing to venture into any ethnic restaurant and doesn’t know too much about other cultures.  He hasn’t traveled outside of North America.
Bachelor number two also like sports and drinking beer.  However, unlike bachelor number one, he has traveled to many different places around the world.  He has been exposed to many different foreign cultures, people, food, customs and languages.  He might even be able to speak a bit of a foreign language or two.  This man is definitely more ‘worldly’ than the first guy.

Unlike the Sports & Beer guy, the Mr. Worldly enjoys experiencing ethnic cuisines and feels very comfortable in any ethnic restaurant.  He does like a good steak every now and then but also likes to try out many other types of food from different cultures.
I then ask the ladies to choose which bachelor they think would be a more interesting date based on just these characteristics of the two men.  And not surprising, most women in my audiences always overwhelmingly vote in favor for the worldly guy.
This proves that if a man immerses himself with culture and develops the diversity skills to be able to interact well with people from different ethnicities, he will most likely be considered sexier than other men who are much more narrow in their cultural exposures.  A diverse environment will allow a person to experience many different cultures if one is willing to.

This activity from my set of diversity exercises work both ways as well since more cultured women can also appear to be more sexy than those who are not adventurous enough to appreciate diversity in their lives.  Let’s face it, anybody who has experienced the world is always more interesting to talk to compared to somebody who hasn’t ventured out of the home state or province.  This proves that diversity is sexy.

Clint Talking About Diversity Exercises and Dating

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