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Business Motivational Speaker To Help Motivate Your
Corporate Or Associations Audience To Achieve Objectives
And Goals ... With A Unique, Entertaining Martial Arts Angle

Or To Demystify Real Estate Investing So Your Group Can
Ultimately Achieve Financial Freedom Upon Retirement

Also Available As A Motivational Sales Speaker To Help
Your Sales Force Turbocharge Business Sales Levels

And A Diversity Speaker To Help Your People Function
Effectively In Today's Diverse Working Environments

If You Are Seeking A High Energy, Dynamic Speaker
For Your Event/Meeting, See Video Below

Clint Cora In Action As Business Motivational
Speaker And Workplace Diversity Speaker

Available Business Motivational Speaker Programs

Clint Cora can conduct his three hour Effective Self Defense training seminar as a stand alone program or in combination with any of the speaking programs below - see previous link for information on his self defense seminars.

'The Life Champion In You - Overcoming Challenges & Achieving Success'

This is Clint Cora's signature motivational talk in keynote form and it covers many of the success principles from his
book with the same title.  This program covers the following.
  • Mindset and attitude required for your business as well as personal success
  • Real life inspiring comfort zone expansion examples with demonstration
  • Macro and micro tools for effective success planning as well as monitoring
  • Effective solutions to overcome possible challenges stopping success
  • Tips to help your group become successful all round life champions
  • Multiple universal lessons from Clint's own journey as well as from others
  • Entertaining martial arts and weaponry to illustrate key messages
  • Available in 30, 45 and 60 minute keynotes (need full hour to fit in all elements)
Note - Clint also offers this program as a full day intensive personal development program seminar based on 'The Life Champion In You' (click on link for full details and sample agenda).

'The Sensible Approach To Real Estate Investing'

Effects of recession such as high credit card debt, rising gas prices and college tuitions combined with dismal returns on investments such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds have been devastating people's retirement plans.  This practical presentation shows how to get through the financial mess and achieve financial freedom upon or even before retirement using effective tactics and strategies Clint uses as an active, successful real estate investor himself.  The information he presents is totally unbiased since Clint does not work in the real estate industry (not a realtor/broker).  Clint owns multiple investment properties to secure his own financial future.

  • Powerful financial tactics to position for financial fitness and personal credit
  • Achieving significantly greater returns compared to those of average investments
  • Identifying important factors to determine where to invest in real estate
  • Analyzing figures for potential real estate investments with real life examples
  • Proven feasible strategies to grow your portfolio and personal equity wealth over time
  • Realistically achieving financial freedom without falling victim to fast money scams
  • Available in 30, 45 and 60 minute versions (need full hour to fit in all elements)

See Short Video On Topics From Financial Freedom Via Real Estate Investing Presentation

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'Turbocharging Your Business Sales'

Clint uses his extensive experience as a former corporate sales and marketing executive (see his professional background) to help both corporate sales force audiences and small business owners 'turbocharge' their sales levels. 
This program covers the following.
  • Applying practical strategies from real life sales cases for your business
  • How to laser target the best customers and clients for maximum sales potential
  • Conveying high value of premium priced products/services to price sensitive customers
  • Effectively selling older products against newer and more high profile competition
  • Understanding how to maximize effectiveness of your sales calls and selling materials
  • How to develop brand loyalty and long term trust for your business
  • Key differences that set professional high level sales people from mediocre ones
  • Applying motivational elements from 'The Life Champion In You' to sell better
  • Available in 30, 45 and 60 minute keynotes (need full hour to fit in all elements)
Note - Clint will soon be offering this program as a full day intensive seminar that includes evaluation of your sales call presentations and selling materials.

See Short Video On Clint Describing Turbocharging Your Business Sales Keynote

'Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Business & Personal Success'

Since diversity is reality and here to stay, the development of skills to enable your people to function well in a diverse world is important for success. 
Here are some details of this keynote program.
  • What diversity is and why it is important for business success
  • Real life inspiring diversity success examples from the business world
  • Multiple benefits of developing diversity skills
  • Awareness of stereotypes and areas to avoid in diversity
  • How to kick down barriers and develop skills useful in a diverse world
  • Fun group activities to explore diversity
  • Available in 30, 45 and 60 minute versions (need full hour to fit in all elements)
Note - Clint also offers this program as a half-day workplace diversity skills training seminar  (click on link for full details and sample agenda).

See Short Video On Clint Describing The Diversity Keynote

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Contact Clint Cora For Booking Information

To explore the possibility of having Clint Cora as a business motivational speaker at your event, send an e-mail to contact (at) - replacing the (at) of course or call us
at 905-814-5763.

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Clint can also make his books and CDs available for your audience as continued educational resources. This will help reinforce key messages after they have heard Clint speak.  Of course, as an accommodating business motivational speaker, Clint will always make himself available to personally sign books and speak to individuals at your meeting after his presentations.

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A set of motivational or diversity articles can also be supplied for your internal newsletters if there's a need for interesting articles for your company staff or association members.

Audience Was Moved, Challenged & Inspired

"I have heard nothing but positive compliments from staff on your presentation, and everyone was thrilled to receive a copy of your latest book! Your message is simple, clear, and to the heart.  I think everyone who heard you this morning was moved, challenged and inspired by your simple message on self-improvement. And you are a living example that it works!

I will certainly be recommending you to other Directors in the City should they be looking for a top-flight motivational speaker!"

Ed de Grosbois, Director of Business Services
Transportation and Works Department, City of Mississauga

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Captivating Presentation That Provided Fresh Perspective

"Your presentation “Kick Down Diversity Barriers for Business and Personal Success” was excellent and was very well received. It was a thought provoking and captivating presentation that provided a fresh perspective on the subject. Your dynamic delivery spiced by a bit of humor kept the audience engaged."

"We were impressed by your passion & enthusiasm and found your talk quite inspirational. We are confident that the audience went home with new ideas and strategies to develop and apply their diversity skills both at work and in their personal lives." 

Kim Voisin CHRP, President
Human Resources Professional Association of West Toronto

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Employee Motivation In Action With Fun Audience Participation

Business Motivational Speaker Created A Lasting Positive Impression

"Clint Cora is a dynamic speaker.  The success he has garnered in sports and in business comes through clearly in his content and his delivery of an address.   We have had the pleasure of hearing him on three occasions, and all three times have been impressed by his passion and commitment to excellence in the realm of -speaking and leadership."  

"We highly recommend Clint and are confident his contribution as a speaker will educate and motivate your listeners in a way that will leave a lasting positive impression."

Vincent J. Beyer,
SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

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Sincerity & Humor Kept Audience's Attention

"Clint Cora's keynote motivational presentation was excellent and beautifully delivered.  Clint's engaging style as a presenter captured both the hearts and minds of those in the audience. The content of the presentation was thought-provoking and encouraging.  His dynamic delivery kept everyone alert and involved."

"Clint presented his real life experiences with sincerity and a touch of humour in such a manner that kept me and everyone else who attended glued to his every word.  His ability to deliver his message in such an entertaining manner was well received by everyone."

Dr. Holly Hampton, Division Manager, Carillion Canada Inc.

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Again, to explore how you can bring Clint Cora as a business motivational speaker or a workplace diversity speaker to your event, send an e-mail to contact (at) - replacing the (at) of course or call us at 905-814-5763.

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